Top 8 Sweet 16 Dresses for Quinceanera styles

 For this incredible selection of dresses for special parties like 15 years old, it has the most princess models you've ever seen. Remembering that it is possible to have any of these models shown here directly in the  My chic dress 

All birthdays are special, but there is one that is a very important milestone in the life of any girl. It is a big step towards the transition into adulthood, it is the moment when every young woman goes through many discoveries and also a lot of maturity.

To celebrate a date as beautiful and special as this one, we cannot fail to choose the  2023 Quinceanera Dresses.

You can plan this much dreamed and expected moment in advance so that everything can go perfectly on the day. Don't leave the dress to celebrate this moment last, it needs to be one of the first on the list, followed by the location of the event and then the choice of menu.

You can dream of a princess dress and make that dream come true with a beautiful princess model. The cool thing is that you can choose the color that best matches your style.

Off Shoulder To Shoulder 3D Flower Dress Emerald Green Quinceanera Sweet 15 Party Dress

The model above has a skirt with structure so there is plenty of volume. The clear background of the total highlights the 3D flowers.

This Royal Blue model, has appliqués of butterflies and a lot of shine, on the bust has a sweetheart neckline with structured bulge.

                                   Warm Quinceanera Lace Dresses Sage Green

The sage green one has a skirt with structure, it has a fabric with very light lace on top and its bust is heavily embroidered. It is a princess model with a shoulder-to-shoulder neckline.

                                               Princess Butterflies Purple Dress

For fans of purple, the model above has a certain delicacy, with a puffy skirt and floral appliqués throughout the dress.

The shade of red is a great choice to celebrate the moment. This model has many sparkles and has the princess skirt with volume!
The shine throughout the piece is noticeable!

This red model is perfect with lots of 3D flowers, a princess skirt and shoulder straps.
the shoulder.

The 3D flowers bring charm to the purple dress, it is a model with a full princess skirt and a lot of volume.

                      Hot Pink Dresses Quinceanera Sweet Ball Gown 16 Cape Detachable

If you are not afraid to be daring, bet on this pink dress, it is the true princess style dress.

In addition to the color being beautiful, it will be the highlight of the party to make this moment even more unforgettable!

Top 8 mismatched bridesmaid dresses for wedding Party 2023

Party dresses are pieces of fundamental importance for formal moments, especially in weddings that are dates that call for elegant and sophisticated attire. I recommend some of the beautiful dresses that I will show you in this post.

 My chic prom dress     It is the piece of great importance on the day of the event!

To celebrate a date as special as a wedding, everything needs to go as planned, not only the event itself, but also the clothes will be part of that unforgettable day.The choice of  mismatched bridesmaid dresses they are fundamental to be all of the same color chosen by the bride but the models can be different according to the style or taste of the bridesmaid.

                             Green Stretchy Satin Bridesmaid Dresses

Satin dresses in this shade of emerald green bring a very elegant look. Its side slit reveals a certain sensuality. The models are very diverse but all very beautiful.

                                       Emerald Green Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses

The velvet fabric in this dark green tone perfectly matches the special moment. The fabric is not only beautiful, but also very comfortable!
All models are long and without slits.

The orange color is very striking and looks wonderful on the bridesmaids, with ruffles on the straps it is even more charming!
The mermaid model is widely chosen by women, its highlight is the more waisted modeling with lightness in the leg area.

I love the versatility of this shade of green, the models are the most beautiful, it goes well with tanned skin tones.

The models in this delicate shade of pink perfectly match the beauty and delicacy of the bride's dress with lots of appliqués throughout the dress!

The Color Purple is beautiful in itself, vibrant, cheerful and full of life. All the models above are mermaid and are with beautiful side slits. The cool thing is the diversification of models with the same color tone.

What to talk about this amazing wine / burgundy tone is a beautiful combination in the color palette to use on the bridesmaids.

The turquoise tone is very reminiscent of the color of the sea, it is a light color and is perfect not only for evening parties but also for outdoor events, especially if it is on the beach, you will certainly be able to enjoy beautiful outdoor photos free.

The site is full of beautiful pieces at incredible prices, you can choose as you wish, the color tones are the most diverse, beautiful models to transform your special day into an unforgettable one.

Top 8 Formal Dresses For Fall Weddings Party!

Today I want to share with you some options for dresses for formal parties.
Everyone needs at some point in their life a suitable outfit for these occasions.
It is very important to pay attention to the season of the year so that the choice of dress is according to the season. Did you know that colors are also of great importance? It is certainly a moment that you plan well in advance and do not want anything to get out of your control that day.

 My chic prom dress it will be the main piece to have a great highlight in your graduation party, 15 years and other special dates.

                                                                  Dress with sequins

This model has a neckline in the bust area, but with the right amount of transparency, it models the waist well and its slit is a detail that brings even more charm to this model.

                                           Black Ball Gowns One Shoulder Flowers 3D

Bringing elegance and sophistication, this black dress with 3D flowers and side slit is a very desired model, fits well in various biotypes and matches the occasion, being formal parties.

                                               Mermaid Ball Gowns One Shoulder

This dress, all crafted in satin and emerald details, brings sensuality and modernity.

It is a Mermaid model, it fits well to the body.

For those looking for a dress model with a more affordable price, you may fall in love with this purple one with appliqués, with embroidery that brings delicacy to the dress. Can be used with or without the straps.

These are the best 2023 Formal dresses trends.

                                               Green Prom Dress

This green dress with an open back is a serious model and starts very tight at the top and opens at the bottom. Its charm is due to the stones and embroidery on the breasts.

The blue dress with a V-neck brings a certain delicacy, it has sparkles and also with embroidery that goes from the top of the bust to the tulle skirt. It is an accurate model, which will draw a lot of attention for its beauty.

                                          Formal Dresses With Lace Appliques Black

The black dress is undoubtedly the choice of many women, not only because it dresses well, but also because it matches the most diverse occasions.

The model above has a waistline, has a v-neckline and is also applied in the bust area that goes down to the slit until the end of the dress.

                                    Tulle A-line Prom Dresses With Purple Ruffles And Layers

The A-line dress with tulle layers brings a very princess look, it is an elegant and very beautiful model to enjoy the party.
The top has a neckline on the bust and thin straps that further enhances the beauty of the dress.

Wishlist de Outono Inverno

 Chegou a época do ano em que as roupas de inverno ganham destaque no guarda roupa feminino.

Com cores fortes ou tons neutros não importa, podemos nos aquecer com muito estilo usando peças com qualidade para encarar os dias mais frios.

Essa época do ano é a melhor para quem ama se vestir com muita elegância e sofisticação. Você é livre para combinar com muitas opções de peças que podem ser tendência da estação.

As cores fortes estão na moda e podem ser compostas com looks jeans ou mesclar com texturas.

A boa e velha jaqueta bomber, veste de forma casual que vai de um ambiente de trabalho mais tranquilo para um saída á noite.

Animal print é uma estampa que não sai de moda, é tendência sempre nas estações mais frias. Pode-se compor looks com diversas peças usando e abusando da criatividade.
E vocês me conta qual estilo mais curtem usar?
Aproveita para conferir essas opções com ótimo desconto Cupom Org.

Tudo o que você precisa para manter-se linda! Everything you need to stay beautiful!

Today I want to share with you some shapewear options that are perfect pieces to keep your silhouette defined and even wear underneath dresses and other types of clothing.

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Speaking of taking care of the body, we cannot forget sport suit women , they are light pieces that adapt well to the body, bringing well-being in the practice of physical activities.

The choice of the ideal clothing for physical activity is of great importance, in addition to being pieces made especially for this function, they are breathable, bring comfort and at the same time highlight the beauty of the female body.

Sports pieces are ideal for doing outdoor activities, yoga, gym, walks in parks. You choose where you want to wear this piece, in any of these places you will be free to do your physical activities in comfort.

These amazing wholesale body shapers they are pieces designed to dress the female body well, bringing that touch of sensuality and shaping the body well.

You know that confidence you need to have in yourself? With these modelers you will be ready to live the best moments in personal care and providing you with well-being. Take the opportunity to check out the varieties on the site, in addition to the color options, you will find different sizes.

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