How can I get free makeup from Wordmakeup ?

I do some simpler everyday makeup. But when we have a more formal event I asked for more elaborate makeups and today I want to share with you some options for wholesale cosmetics.

I take this opportunity to leave my wish list here. I need to renew some makeup items.

Investing in quality products is a great money-saving option as the cost is worth the investment.

Makeup serves to enhance a woman's beauty, in addition to disguising the bothersome spots. Therefore, for the day to day, it is not necessary to use many products. Just the basics are enough to make any woman more confident. Thus, many women do not know why makeup is important. The use is linked to personality, self-esteem, empowerment and confidence. Thus, when wearing makeup, the woman feels prepared to deal with any occasion.

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 However, many still do not use makeup, whether for religious reasons, not knowing how to use it or just not liking it. Others end up exaggerating their use, and not using products suitable for the situation. When designing a makeup, it is necessary to take into account the environment you will be attending, and the circumstances. In everyday life, only the basics are needed. But, at parties and events, you can use more flashy products and more marked tones. This is because natural day-to-day light tends to highlight makeup, so lighter tones are used. At events, however, the light is usually darker, so it's okay to use more flashy colors. The important thing is that, with or without makeup, a woman should look into the mirror and like what she sees. So, if you see the need, you can use makeup to enhance your beauty. However, you need to know what you are doing, avoiding exaggerations and the rebound effect.

  I love the  Anastasia eyeshadow paletteare beautiful and help us with self-esteem. I find it super motivating to be able to have a daily care routine, and to be able to feel prettier with makeup.

Did you like my choices?

9 comentários:

  1. Si que maravilhosos os produtos, toda mulher gosta de maquiagem, linda a paleta bjs.

  2. Sou apaixonada por essa paleta, as cores são lindas!!

  3. Amei as cores da paleta são lindas

    Um beijo

  4. Que legal o post! Gostei desses produtos. Faz bastante tempo que não compro maquiagem.

    Beijoos ;*

  5. Gostei da cor da paleta. É tão linda.

  6. Eu estou precisando de corretivo os meus acabaram.
    Adorei conhecer a loja e amei essa paleta.

  7. Que tudo, já vou correr para conferir



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