Roupas para família!

Christmas is coming, and that magic of the Christmas season is creeping into homes.

For many years I confess that I didn't celebrate Christmas, but after a while this date took on a special meaning in my life.

We need to celebrate each moment with tenderness and gratitude with our families.

Family are bonds that unite us and we need to collect affective memories that will be recorded in photographs and even in our memories.

Today I separated some special pieces from Popopieshop to inspire you to make beautiful family photos!

In the Tal Mãe, Tal filha style, mommy and me outfits  you can create several photographic memories with identical looks.

But of course, in addition to Christmas, there are many other special dates when you can choose the combined look to enjoy the moments.

I'm absolutely sure that after these images, you couldn't resist and went running on the site to check out the most diverse options of looks to enjoy these special moments.

The importance of eternalizing the moments is brought from generation to generation.

 Family matching outfits , just invest in the model you like the most to compose that beautiful photo!

The checkered print is a print that never goes out of fashion and is always on the rise, and can be used for all seasons of the year.

For those of you who love to buy new clothes for children, I recommend you to visit the store because each model is more beautiful than the other.

But if you're on the team that doesn't have children yet, there's no problem your niece or goddaughter will be happy to receive a treat like this.

About the store has been on the market for over 6 years and offers the best for children and adults.

10 comentários:

  1. Muito bonitas e divertidas essas roupas de natal.


  2. Olá Silvana,
    Acho super fofo esses looks em família.
    big beijos,

  3. Ai eu quando for mãe vou tão fazer isto! *-*
    Um beijinho,

  4. Uau, fiquei encantada com os looks.
    Um mais lindo que o outro, amei a dica.

    Beijos, Nanda Doria.

  5. These are cute ideas! Love that tiered green dresses!

  6. eu não conhecia essa loja
    já amei os looks que mostrou

    A mina de fé

  7. The parent-child outfit looks very harmonious and warm.
    curly lace front

  8. Que sonho de roupas, um vestido mais lindo que o outro


  9. Acho super fofo esses looks em família.
    big beijos, black wig with bangs


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