Bolsas um acessório indispensável!

Bags have become indispensable, they have been used ever since. In them we take our personal objects that we cannot go out without them, such as our documents, wallet, keys etc...

Over the years they were updated and gained new colors, models and there are different sizes to please the most varied audiences.

Leather Shoulder Bags are undoubtedly the most used.

Bags are of great importance, even people who are less adept at this essential accessory need to have at least one model for daily or emergency use.

As I said above over time they were gaining new versions and updating. With that comes new trends with colors, textures and prints. But without a doubt the Leather Sling Bags for Women are the most used even for durability.

Leather bags are great for long-term investment, you spend a little more to have an object that will last for many years.

With the new trends we can enjoy amazing models, such as casual, stripped, more formal, this will depend a lot on your taste and style.

I confess that I'm a fan of casual models, because I like to go out on a daily basis with basic bags so as not to attract too much attention.

But for example for those who work in places like the office, you need a bag like the models mentioned above. A genuine leather bag with a lot of style and elegance.

There are bags that we need for a trip to the mall, a trip to the supermarket, a trip to the doctor, a walk at the end of all these places we need to have a bag.

The smaller models are perfect for everyday use, just to put your cell phone and even your keys, or even a mini wallet.

I like these basic models also to use only by hand, they are practical to use in those outputs that we don't need to program ourselves.

Romy Tisa is a store founded in 2020 and works with great seriousness and professionalism, always taking a quality product to its audience. Its goal is to become a great world-renowned brand. I recommend the store and invite you to check out the brand's news and products.

Tell me which models of bags you like to use on a daily basis?

6 comentários:

  1. Uma mais linda que a outra e realmente são indispensáveis!!!

  2. Eu gosto de bolsas estruturadas. Muito bacana os modelos dessa loja.
    big beijos

  3. As bolsas dessa loja são lindas!

  4. Essa loja tem bolsas lindas, amei suas escolhas, principalmente a 2.


    Anete Oliveira

    Blog Coisitas e Coisinhas



  5. Os modelos estão bem bonitos!
    Gostei muito dessa bolsa caramelo, tem uma estrutura sofisticada e elegante.

  6. Impossível viver sem bolsas hahaha! Hoje em dia, não compro tanto, mas todas que eu tenho uso. Gosto das médias e mais básicas, já que sempre tenho um livro para me acompanhar. E tenho algumas menores, mas quase todas cabem o Kindle hahaha. :)

    Adorei as suas escolhas! ♥

    Beijos, Carol


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